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Valuation, Modeling & Analysis

At Crane Ridge, we specialize in strategic planning, analytics, valuation, and business modelling. We offer expert insights and analysis to help companies make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success and growth.


Our services cover a range of activities, from setting long-term goals and defining strategies to assessing the economic value of a company and simulating different business scenarios.


With our expertise, we can provide valuable guidance for strategic planning and transactions, ensuring that companies have a clear understanding of the financial implications and potential outcomes.

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Pre - Due Diligence

At Crane Ridge , we use the Beneish M Score which is a tool used to identify potential earnings manipulation by analyzing various financial ratios.


It helps auditors, investors, and lenders detect companies that may be issuing misleading financial reports.


This allows stakeholders to make informed decisions based on reliable financial information.

If the Beneish M Score is good, then we develop a Capital Investment Model which will focuses on analyzing revenue and cost of sales to assess the feasibility and profitability of a deal before conducting a full due diligence process.

This preliminary evaluation helps stakeholders determine whether it is worthwhile to proceed with a comprehensive due diligence analysis.

 By considering key factors such as revenue and cost of sales, the model provides an initial assessment of the deal's potential and guides decision-making processes early on.

Our Services

Due Diligence

The Due Diligence Model is an essential tool for assessing risks, opportunities, and areas of improvement in a business or investment. It enables stakeholders to make well-informed decisions through a comprehensive understanding of all relevant factors.

Through the process of due diligence, potential stakeholders can identify and address risks, negotiate favorable terms, and ensure that the investment aligns with their strategic objectives.

The Due Diligence Model plays a critical role in the decision-making process, providing valuable insights that support informed and careful investment decisions.

Our due diligence process follows a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of a business or investment opportunity.


We carefully examine the financial, legal, operational, and commercial aspects to ensure all relevant information is thoroughly analyzed prior to making any decisions.

The Due Diligence Model typically includes the following but can be designed as Fit for Client requirements:

  • Financial Due Diligence: This involves reviewing financial statements, accounting practices, cash flow analysis, and financial projections to evaluate the financial health and performance of the company or investment opportunity.

  • Legal Due Diligence: This involves examining legal documents, contracts, licenses, permits, and any potential legal risks or liabilities associated with the company or investment.

  • Operational Due Diligence: This involves assessing the operational capabilities, efficiency, and potential risks or issues related to the operations of the company.

  • Commercial Due Diligence: This involves evaluating the market dynamics, competitive landscape, customer base, and growth potential of the company or investment.

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence: This involves considering the environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices of the company and evaluating any potential risks or opportunities related to these factors.

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